The public libraries in Lund consist of the City Library and nine district libraries. Here you will find books, magazines, lectures and other events for all ages and areas of interest. Several of our libraries have Meröppet, which means that you can visit the library even when it is not staffed. Welcome!


Changes in the library to reduce the spread of infection

Due to the Swedish Public Health Agency's stricter general advice, Lund Municipality is taking measures to counteract the spread of infection. The libraries are open, but only for lending and returning books. Reading and study places are removed and the public is encouraged to keep their library visits short. At the same time, libraries offer more lending of e-books and films digitally, and up to 10 re-loans have already been introduced.

Program activities at the libraries only take place digitally, without a physical audience. Meröppet is offered as before for some libraries.

Lund Municipality's adjustments apply from 29 October to 17 November, but may be extended.

Here you can read more information due to the coronavirus

One of Lund’s nicknames is Lund – the reading city. A nickname with its roots in the fair amount of libraries Lund has to offer as well as publishing houses and writers that settled here over the centuries.

There are plenty of public libraries around the city at your service. The University library is always worth a visit even if you are not a student.

The libraries offer books, newspapers, language courses, music and films, e-books to download, audiobooks and more. All libraries have computers with internet connection for you to use, too. A library card is free of charge and borrowing books at the library is free, too. Fees apply however if you foret tu return the book in time.

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Welcome to visit one of our ten libraries. Five of the libraries are "Meröppna", which means that you can use the library card to visit the libraries even when they are not staffed.
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On the library portal, you can, among other things, search for books, reserve, see your loans, re-borrow and pay any fees.
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Many events at the libraries

At all libraries we offer lectures, book clubs, interesting conversations, storytelling sessions, theaters and various children's meetings. See our programs to find out what's going on in your library.
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Read in other ways

The libraries have help for you who have difficulty reading printed books. We have, for example, talking books, books with a large style and easy-to-read books.
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We are happy to help you with book tips or if you are looking for a special book or magazine. Come to us and ask or visit the library portal where we have book tips and book lists.
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Curious? Click your way through to the Library Portal (Biblioteksportalen). Register to manage your reservations, book suggestions, read through reviews, and much more!
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