Form an association

Do you or your friends want to form an association? Here we have gathered information on how you can most easily form an association.

Why should you form an association?

If you are a group of people who have a common interest and want to run, develop and deepen your business in a democratic way and at the same time be given the opportunity to apply for support and grants, you can start an association.

To form an association

An association is a legal entity. To be a legal entity, the association must have a name, articles of association and board as well as an organization number obtained from the Swedish Tax Agency. If you are a sports association, there are normal statutes drawn up by the Swedish Sports Confederation to facilitate the work for the association.

Constituent meeting

When proposals have been drawn up for statutes and there are people who are interested in becoming members, it is time to call a first association meeting, a so-called constituent meeting. At this meeting the association is formed and the statutes are adopted. The meeting elects the Board, auditors and the Nomination Committee.

Starting contribution

Newly started associations with children and youth activities that meet the criteria for receiving a municipal local activity grant in Lund municipality can apply for a start-up grant.

Within the framework of the association grant that exists to strengthen and develop young people's democratic values, Young people lead young people, there is also the opportunity to apply for a start-up grant.

Association register

Lund Municipality has an association register. If you want to register a new association to the register, you must fill in a registration form.