Vinterlund is a collaborative project between Lund Municipality, Citysamverkan and the cultural and association life in Lund, with a broad program in Lund's city center from the first Advent to Valentine's Day. Vinterlund takes place between the dates 27/11-2020 until 14/2-2021

Julgran på Stortorget och massor av folk.

Vinterlund 2020/2021 

Vinterlund has both tradition and innovation! Together with the association life and the free cultural life, we want to create a mixture of winter activities that will suit Lund residents of all ages. This year, there will only be one opportunity for applying for collaboration funds within Vinterlund. The application for collaboration funding for Vinterlund 2020/2021 opens on 1 August and closes on 1 September.

To apply to make arrangements

Vinterlund has collaboration funds to distribute to new events and projects. Your expression of interest must meet the following criteria:

The event / activity should

  • Take place in the central parts of Lund during the period 1/12–14/2
  • be of a slightly larger character and attract a larger audience, and / or are innovative and original and can help to create awareness around Vinterlund.

At least one of the following criteria must also be met:

The event / activity…

  • is the fruit of a new collaboration between parties that have not previously collaborated
  • has a Christmas and / or winter theme
  • has a humanity theme
  • takes special account of accessibility for all regardless of physical and mental ability
    promotes diversity in the total supply.

The application is open, we want your application no later than 1 September.
Follow the link to application 2020/2021


n June 2016, the City Council decided to grant a budget for Vinterlund. The event unit at the culture and leisure administration has the task of being responsible for the project, in close collaboration with the technical administration, the business unit and the tourist office. The project will run for four years starting in 2016.

Vinterlund is a collaborative project between Lund Municipality, Lund City Cooperation and Lund's cultural and association life. The municipality's role is above all to coordinate, support and market various events during the period from the first Advent to Valentine's Day. The aim is to make Lund's city center more attractive by taking advantage of the city's rich cultural, sports and association life. Through Vinterlund, we also want to stimulate new collaborations that increase the supply for the people of Lund.


Åsa Jensen
Project manager Vinterlund
E-mail: Åsa Jensen
Phone: 046-359 43 79