Valborgsfirande - Walpurgis

Every year, Stadsparken in Lund becomes the center of a large party where students gather and celebrate Walpurgis.

Valborg i stadsparken 2019

Spontaneous party and Walpurgis bonfires

The municipality of Lund is responsible for some efforts around the party, but is not the organizer. On the other hand, we arrange a more traditional celebration in Stadsparken on Walpurgis night, at the white stage.

In addition, you can usually take part in Walpurgis celebrations in Folkparken, at Fästan in Södra Sandby, in Dalby, in the "gryta" at Sankt Hans slopes, in Sankt Larsparken, in Jungfrudalen in Veberöd, in Genarp and at Bostället in Gunnesbo.

On May 1, Lund's student singers will sing in the spring from the stairs on the university campus.

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