Lov i Lund - Free activities

Lov i Lund arranges free holiday activities for children and young people throughout Lund. Here you will find fun things to do during the whole holiday for you with school holidays.

Lov i Lund

We create and coordinate free holiday activities on all school holidays for children and young people in Lund municipality. Our goal is for all children and young people in Lund to have access to a fun holiday, where there are lots of different activities to participate in. We want children and young people themselves to be involved in the offer, and therefore make sure to collect children and young people's opinions.

Do you want to be part of Lov i Lund's program?

We want to highlight all the fun that happens for free for children and young people around Lund municipality during the school holidays. If you want to arrange an activity, yourself or through, for example, your association, contact: 
E-mail:Mats Alinder

If you are between 13-25 years old and want to arrange an activity, you can also apply via our "Young leaders young grants". All leisure leaders at the municipality's leisure centers are trained and can support you throughout the process.
Access the application for the various grants.

Lov i Lund

Frågor om Lov i Lund
Does it cost money?
Why do you offer holiday activities now in corona times?
Are all children allowed to come?
My child needs extra help. Can we come to Lov in Lund?
My child is in a wheelchair. Can we come to Lov in Lund?
How do I find out what's going on?
Can the parents accompany the excursions?
What is "guardian approval"?
Is there food?
Who takes care of my child at the activities?
Does everyone at Lov in Lund only speak Swedish?