Social Services Department

The Social Services Department in Lund has approximately 600 employees.

We support citizens in need of social services, be it for a longer or shorter period of time. The work of the department is focused on children / adolescents and their parents, adults with substance abuse problems or mental disabilities, persons in need of income support or employment support / rehabilitation, and the reception of and assistance to refugees.

The department also oversees the state entity tasked with issuing liquor licenses and alcohol license-related supervision, as well as a city-wide service tasked to coordinate the efforts to prevent the abuse of alcohol, drugs, performance enhancing substances and tobacco.


The department is headed by the Director of Social Services Annika Pettersson together with line managers Ricardo Espinoza, Inger Fröman, Robert Ekholm, and Marie Olsson. The department is governed by the social services committee. Chairman of the committee is Peter Fransson (S).

The department consists of four divisions: 

Children, youth and family

The Division for Children, youth and family is tasked to ensure that the upbringing of children and young people in Lund is as good as it possibly can be. Both children and parents can turn to us and apply for various forms of assistance and support. Those range from solutions for housing, support with relationship issues, legal advice for families, crisis management, psychosocial care, treatment, counselling, et cetera. The receiving unit within the division is the "way in" to social services. It is to them one turns if you are not already in contact in social services.


The Adult division focuses on social emergencies, homelessness, substance abuse problems, emergency housing solutions, advice and assistance to citizens who cannot manage their own livelihood (this includes a guide to work or training but also income support). It also offers a budget and debt advisor, support to families threatened with eviction and an investigation unit.


The Refugee division is responsible for the reception of newly arrived refugees. Their work is focused on finding solutions for housing, social support and societal introduction. A large part of the work is focused on support of and finding accommodation for unaccompanied minors, which includes legal guardianship. The division comprises three units: the refugee unit, interpretation services and accommodation for unaccompanied minors.

Social Psychiatry

The Division for Social Psychiatry is working with adults living with a mental disability. Their focus is on finding solutions for both employment and accommodation and on supporting the individual to a positive change in his or her life. The division offers various forms of accommodation, support and occupation.