Education Department

The Education Committee has the overall political responsibility for educational activities. The Education Department covers the following areas of responsibility:

  • the four local public high schools Katedralskolan, Polhemsskolan, Gymnasieskolan Spyken, and Gymnasieskolan Vipan
  • public authority for private pre-schools, recreation centers and child care as well as right to inspect private schools; both primary schools and high schools
  • the International School of Lund - Katedralskolan (ISLK) for ages 6 to 16
  • Adult education in Lund, which consists of activities of municipal responsibility such as Swedish for Immigrants (SFI), Specific training for adults with special needs, as well as courses in basic and secondary level (adult education) as well as the education provided by external training providers with which the municipality has an agreement.
  • Modersmålscentrum (first language, mother tongue centre) in Lund
  • Lund's schools' ICT team (information - communication - technology) for all three school departments
  • the coordinated school health services, consisting of school doctor and coordinating school nurse
  • the Education Offices with joint administration of the Education Department.

For more information on our work and on other child and education issues please do not hesitate to contact us.