Culture and Leisure Services Department

A strong culture and leisure agency contributes to good quality of life and is important for the development of stimulating living environments in a municipality and region. 

Such is the overarching guideline for the culture and leisure services department in Lund. It strengthens the notion that a powerful culture and leisure agency is a vital base line for a good society where people are well both in their bodies and minds. 

The Culture and Leisure Services Department in Lund is responsible for the following activities: 

  • Library
  • Free time activities / Leisure 
  • Sports
  • Culture

The Department is in charge of overarching youth issues.

Within the culture actvities you will find the public music and arts school Kulturskolan, Lund's Konsthall, funding through Kulturstöd, Lund's city theatre Stadsteatern, and Lund's Stadshall.