Departments and municipal committees

The City if Lund is governed by committees. Each committee is connected to a department.


The City of Lund is organised into departments that specialize in different areas and are responsible for the majority of municipal services. Each department is governed by a political committee. 

These municipal committees and executive boards serve the different areas of work. Its members are elected by the city council.

  • City Council 
  • City Executive Committee 
  • Child and Education Committee
  • Planning and Building Committee 
  • Habostyrelsen
  • Cultural and Leisure Service Committee 
  • Environmental Health Committee 
  • Waste Management Committee
  • Service Committee 
  • Social Services Committee 
  • Technical Services Committee 
  • Education Committee 
  • Electoral Committee 
  • Community Care Services Committee

Documents and meeting schedule

You can access the meeting schedule and current minutes and agendas by clicking on the page minutes and agendas


If you have a question regarding the work of the committee you can contact the department that is directly associated to the committee. You can access the information on the Departments by clicking on the page Departments.