Upper secondary schools and adult education

Lund Municipality is actively monitoring the development of the coronavirus and Covid-19 disease. Here we gather information that applies to the current situation for upper secondary schools and adult education in our municipality.

We create graduation 2020 together

Planning for our upper secondary schools graduation is starting to take shape. In dialogue with the students, various proposals have been prepared based on the recommendations of the Public Health Agency. The students have come up with many good and creative ideas. Together with the staff at the upper secondary schools, we are doing everything possible to create a pleasurable and unique day.

Graduation ceremonies will be done class by class and go on throughout the day. Set times to run out of classes have been spread out to avoid congestion and each student may bring one guest. It could be a relative or a friend. When the class runs out, the students go home directly with their guest. We must all take great responsibility and most importantly, keep a distance and follow the school's instructions. You must not create crowds of people, either at or outside the school. If you belong to a risk group or are over 70, you should not participate in the student celebration. If you feel ill, you should stay home.

Each upper secondary school is now working to develop a more detailed plan based on the school's situation.

Dates for Graduation

8 June - Gymnasieskolan Vipan
9 June – Polhemskolan
10 June - Katedralskolan
11 June - Gymnasieskolan Spyken

This year's school term ending

Students who attend grades 1 and 2 in upper secondary school will be celebrating their graduation day digitally with teachers and classmates.

The International Compulsory School (ISLK) and the upper secondary school that still conduct their teaching at the school will have a different type of school term ending. This will take place in their respective classes at the school without relatives present.

In the fall, upper secondary schools and adult education teaching will be conducted on their school premises

On 29 May, the government announced that the Public Health Agency is withdrawing the recommendation on remote education. In the fall, upper secondary schools and adult education teaching will be conducted on school premises. The decision is valid from 15 June, which means that summer school can be conducted on site. For adult education, teaching may be divided in both remote and on the premises in order to reduce the spread of infection. Even though, we are able to return to our more traditional way of studying, we must continue to follow the advice of the Public Health Agency and the National Agency for Education.

This means no change for upper secondary students who will be graduating soon.

Pupils in the municipal upper secondary schools and adult education study from home

Lund Municipality’s upper secondary schools and adult education follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency and the Government. Teaching is now conducted remotely and according to schedule. The recommendations do not apply to the upper secondary school for pupils with learning disabilities with 4-year programs.

Teaching at upper secondary school and at the adult level should, as a general rule, be conducted remotely. The government has decided on a regulation amendment that opens for individual exceptions, provided that the school has taken the necessary measures to reduce the risk of transmission. This means that the school is able in accordance with the Public Health Agency's assessment, accept smaller groups of students to their facilities.

The Education Administration is currently working on how this can be done in the best possible manner. According to the National Agency for Education; this exception applies to practical examinations that cannot be conducted remotely, for students who need special support and contact to the school as well as students who need to participate in lessons that cannot be implemented remotely. For Lund's schools; this concerns adult education, introductory program, those upper secondary school students enrolled in their last year of a national program including the IB program.

How does distance education work?

The education administration’s upper secondary schools and adult education have prepared various scenarios which has started with remote education. We ask everyone who has children attending a municipal high school to log into the schools digital system, Vklass. There, all information will be added. Students should also monitor their e-mails.

  • The lessons are conducted remotely according to schedule. Planning can differ between our different schools.
  • There are staff members at the schools. If you have forgotten books or other material at school, you can come and get them.
  • No school meals will be served.
  • Students without internet connection at home should contact the Vice Principal.
  • Pupils can get in touch with the student health department by telephone or e-mail. Contact information can be found on the schools’ website.

How will selection and entrance exams for upper secondary school work?

The high school selection will continue according to plans and deadlines. Regarding entrance exams, the students concerned have been contacted. If a new decision is made, we will come out with this information promptly.

The teaching of the mother tongue center switches to distance learning

Since 23 March, the mother tongue center has been conducting remote learning in the subject mother tongue.

Here you will find information about the mother tongue center’s remote learning

What applies to school trips?

The education administration has canceled all school trips abroad the academic year.

Lund Municipality complies with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel recommendations and also adheres to instructions from the Public Health Agency. Consequences with the risk of canceled travel, isolation or quarantine upon returning home can pose major problems for areas with infection.

Travel recommendations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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