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Here you will find comprehensive information on what measures for the business community are being taken in the current situation to reduce the negative effects of the corona pandemic.

New law regarding temporary infection control measures at bars, restaurants, and similar venues

In order to prevent covid-19 from spreading, a new law regarding temporary infection control measures in bars, restaurants and similar venues will come into effect as of July 1st, 2020. The law means that those who run a bar, restaurant or similar venues are responsible for ensuring that the indoor spaces of the site as well as outdoor areas (including the entrances) are laid out in such a way that crowding can be avoided and visitors enabled to maintain safe and appropriate social distancing.

Ban on serving alcohol from 10 PM

On November 20, a ban was introduced on the serving of alcohol in restaurants from 10 PM daily. This ban is followed up with inspections to ensure that the transmission of Covid-19 can be minimized as much as possible.

In Lund, the interpretation of the restriction is that the restaurant guests do not have to leave the premises at 10 PM but can stay seated at their table when the serving switches to light beer / alcohol-free. This arrangement is put in place instead of having to leave the restaurant for half an hour and then be let back in at 11 PM. This interpretation has been made to reduce the risk of transmission, as the guests remain seated in an orderly form, rather than everyone leaving the restaurant to later come back in again. There is also no support in the law that indicates clearing the premises and closing during this half hour is necessary.

According to the inspections carried out so far by The Alcohol licensing authorityin collaboration with the police, the restaurants are considered to comply with the ban. The inspections also show that many restaurants choose to close completely from 10 PM onwards. The Permit Unit informs permit holders on an ongoing basis to make it easier for them in their operations.

More information about permits for serving and contact information to the Alcohol licensing authority

Lunda support - free advice to companies with regard to covid-19

Lunda support offers free advice to businesses and organizations via Lund's major players for innovation and entrepreneurship.

You can reach Lunda support weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm by phone 046-359 90 20 or via e-mail:

Lund Municipality’s One-point entry

Lund Municipality’s One-point entry for business is here to help and navigate you correctly when doing and setting up a business as well as listening to what challenges your business may be facing during the current situation.

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