City council

The city council is the decision-making body that governs the municipality. 65 members represent the people of Lund in the council. Elections are held every four years. The city council makes decisions of general concern and in issues that are of high importance for the municipality.

Issues of high importance can be regarding guidelines for overall activities of the municipality, the budget and the muncipal tax. The city council elects the memebers and commisioners for the municipality's committees, the executive committee and the municpal audit. 

The employees of the different muncipal departments and organisations are the ones that implement the political decisions made in the city council and its committees.

How to follow the city council

First hand

City council meetings start at 5pm and are usual held every last thursday of the months. Take a look at the page with the meeting schedule for the exact time and date.

City council meetings are held in Stadshallen, at Stortorget in Lund. 


You can follow the city council meetings online, either live whilst the meeting is taking place or even after as a recording of the webcast is available online even after the meeting is ajourned. You can even choose which agenda items you wish to see. The link to the webcast can be found on the page for webcasts.  

All documents (in Swedish) for the city council can be accessed on the page minutes and agendas.


City Office

Postal address: Box 41, 221 00 Lund
Visitors address: Stortorget 7, Lund
Telephone (switchboard): 046-35 50 00