Policy and democracy

The municipality's activities are directed primarily to everyone who lives in Lund. The municipality provides a range of public services for its residents , including school and education, child and senior care, culture and leisure, local traffic, road maintenance, water and sewage, street cleaning and refuse collection.

The municipality is also responsible for ensuring that Lund is an attractive place to live in, work in and visit.The municipality takes care of most things that are of general interest for its residents, with the exception of activities that are looked after by the State (e.g. police, prisons, employment office, national and county courts), and the County Council (Landstinget) which covers health and dental care etcetera.

About 9000 people work for the municipality of Lund.  Revenue is generated from municipal tax, charges, and government grants.  Local taxes are presently set at 21,24 kronor.  This means that residents in the municipality pay 21,24  kronor tax for every 100 kronor earned.