Our vision and how we attain it

Our vision, along with the mission of the municipality, underlies municipal governance. The vision, and the approaches we use to attain it, is reflected in everything we do. The vision serves as a springboard and guide, both in our everyday work and in long-term strategic development. The vision is also an important part of One Lund.


Lund creates the future–with knowledge, innovation and openness

Knowledge generated in Lund has been changing the world for over
1000 years. Innovative thinking and problem solving is in our nature.
We take inspiration from history and, together with others, create the

Lund is a place where you can be yourself, where you want to live, and
where we develop and contribute to the future. Lund has a unique
knowledge culture where differences are an asset. We dare to think big
and we demonstrate the ability to act. Our openness and trust in one
another enables ideas to grow into sustainable solutions for today’s and
future challenges.

Together, we can meet, laugh, and solve the world’s problems. By
showing the way, and by inspiring others, we are proving that Lund is a
vibrant and leading centre of knowledge that makes a difference. In the
past, now, and in the future. Here and in the world.



We listen and absorb the knowledge generated in Lund and in the rest
of the world. Openness gives us new perspectives, stimulates
innovations, and promotes ideas and a strong democracy.


We learn by listening, but also by being inquisitive and creative. Our
learning drives development and, in a world of constant change, we
welcome and test new ideas and solutions, and follow good examples.


We lead, we are bold and decisive, we implement changes, we show
initiative. We work together with others and benefit from our respective
expertise and experiences, and our respective tasks and roles. Together
we achieve more.