Seniors and risk groups

Lund Municipality's focus is to protect the elderly and other risk groups; therefore clear routines exist to reduce the spread of infection among both those who receive care and staff. We follow the Public Health Agency's directive for public health care professionals that strengthen the positive development of society in order to adapt our care and well-being work directly.

Frequently asked questions regarding covid-19 on the Public Health Agency’s website

Current situation for covid-19

Current statistics are reported to the National Board of Health once a week where you will find statistics for the whole country.

Statistics on covid-19 on the National Board of Health and Welfare’s website

This is how elderly care and LSS (regulations for social needs) work with the corona virus and covid-19

To protect those who receive care; all staff members should stay at home even if experiencing mild symptoms and for two symptom-free days. We are diligent in following hygienic routines and if necessary, use appropriate protective equipment. When anyone receiving care is suspected of or found to have covid-19, we contact Region Skåne and take strict measures to protect others.

How elderly care works with covid-19

How LSS operations (regulations for social needs) work with covid-19

Gathering and mingle venues for senior citizens closed

Due to the rising rate of infection, Lund Municipality is closing its senior citizen venues for gathering and mingle. Such venues will remain closed through 31 March. The venues may remain closed beyond that date, however, based on what is happening with the spread of infection.

Consult the meeting points’ individual web pages for more detailed information

Support for everyday errands

If you belong to a risk group, there are volunteers who are happy to help you (e.g., shopping for food, going out with the dog or buying non-prescription drugs). Volunteer service is primarily aimed at those who do not already have support from Lund municipality and prioritized for those belonging to risk groups. You can apply for support by signing up via the e-service or call us.

Here you can call if you need help: 046-359 48 72

I am in need of support

Meeting points and lunch restaurants closed

The municipality will keep lunch restaurants and meeting points for retirees closed until 31 March 2021. If necessary, this may be extended.


As a relative of a person at risk for Corona Covid-19, you have an important role to play. You can help and support your loved ones by:

  • inform about the Public Health Agency's recommendations for risk groups
  • call or keep in touch by other means
  • help with everyday matters such as shopping or going out with the dog
  • inform about the opportunity to apply for support with everyday errands from a volunteer.

If you, as a relative are worried and would like support, advice or just talk to someone; you are welcome to call the Family Center. We have recently increased telephone time to receive more calls. The support calls are free of charge and we who support you are bound to confidentiality.

Phone number: 046-359 82 40
Phone hours: Monday - Thursday 9.00 –11.00