Preschools, elementary schools, elementary schools for pupils with learning disabilities with 4-year programs and recreation centers

Lund Municipality complies with the recommendations of the Public Health Agency. This means that healthy children and students are able to attend as usual.

Information regarding remote education for high schools

For students in year levels 7-9, a decision has been made to transition to remote education starting Monday 11 January. The decision is applicable until January 24, however, may be extended. The decision does not affect elementary schools for students with learning disabilities or the municipal special education group (KSU).

Guardians and students will receive information about remote education on Unikum. Additionally, there is also a website with more information and support for remote education:

Remote education in the Children and School Administration Lund municipality

You can read the news regarding the decision on remote education here:

Remote education for year levels 7–9

What measures are in place at preschools, schools and recreation centers (fritidshem)?

To minimize the spread of infection, adaptations have been made at preschools, schools, and recreation centers. Those measures vary, depending on the needs and conditions at each particular location. Here are a few examples of the adaptations we are considering and may implement:

  • Increased distance between the seats in classrooms, cafeterias, and other rooms
  • Avoiding large gatherings of children and students
  • Limiting and avoiding activities where many people gather
  • Investigating options for moving certain activities and recesses outdoors

Healthy children must attend school

If your child is healthy and enrolled in elementary or elementary schools for pupils with learning disabilities, it is important that the child attends school and participates in the lessons. Otherwise, the child risks getting an invalid absence.

If a child or pupil falls ill during the day, the child or pupil should go home as soon as possible. If your child does not usually go home on his/her own, we ask you as guardian to pick up your child as soon as possible after you have been contacted by a staff member

How do I know if my child should stay home or not?

To reduce the risk of spreading infection, all children, pupils and staff who have some or all symptoms of illness should stay home. This is also the case for mild symptoms such as sore throat, sniffling as well as muscle and joint pain.

Children, pupils and staff should be symptom free for two days before returning to preschool or school.

Information from the Public Health Agency on symptoms and protection against the spread of infection

Guidelines for when a sibling or other family member is sick

Children and students who have siblings or other family members who are home sick, may attend preschool and school as usual. If someone in the home is sick, it is important to be extra aware of symptoms experienced by any other members of the household. Parents/guardians who are sick may not drop off or pick up children from preschool or school.

Information from the Public Health Agency of Sweden about symptoms and how to protect yourself and others from spread of infection (links to other languages)

Information the Public Health Agency of Sweden to schools and preschools concerning covid-19 in Swedish

Testing for covid-19 is recommended for school students

The Public Health Agency of Sweden recommends that children in compulsory school (grade 0 preschool and grades 1-9) and high school students should get a covid-19 test if they have any symptoms of the illness. One important reason for testing school children is to rule out infection so that they can attend school and activities, since doing so is important to their well-being. If the test reveals that they are not infected with the covid-19 virus, they will be able to return to normal life and scheduled activities more quickly. 

If the test reveals that the student is NOT infected with the covid-19 virus:

If the test reveals that the student is not infected with the covid-19 virus, the student may return to preschool, school, and other activities as soon as they feel alert and well, with no fever.

If the test reveals that the student IS infected with the covid-19 virus:

If the test reveals that the student IS infected with the covid-19 virus, it is necessary to remain at home for at least 7 days after the first symptoms were noticed. The student must be alert and well, without any fever for at least 48 hours before returning to school. If these rules have been followed, but the student still has a slight cough or runny nose, there is no need to remain at home any longer.  Special instructions may be issued by Disease Control Skåne in such cases.

Testing for covid-19 in Skåne at 1177

What if my child belongs to a risk group?

The principle rule that always applies is that healthy children must fulfill their school duty and be present at school, with the exception of children belonging to a risk group. If a treating physician deems that a child cannot be taught in a school environment due to illness, there is an obligation under the school law to ensure that the pupil receives his / her instruction as special education in another suitable environment. For example, teaching individually at another place on the school premises or if needed at home or at another appropriate environment. The principal is responsible for finding a viable solution elsewhere.

What if I as a guardian or other relatives belong to a risk group?

There have been questions from guardians who feel anxious about infection and therefore keep their children home from school. Since neither the government nor the principal (in this case Lund municipality) has decided to close the school; healthy children must attend school and participate in person. The organizations within the Child and School Administration follow the Public Health Agency's general advice and recommendations to ensure that the risk of infection is reduced.

This means that guardians cannot keep their children at home with reference to risk to themselves if they belong to a risk group or if other relatives belong to risk groups. The children's right to education also applies in these cases and teaching shall take place on site for healthy children. It is not possible to conduct remote education for these students, as a decision to close schools has not been made.

As for children at home with symptoms, how can they do their school work?

It is the principal who is responsible for how the work in each school is organized so that students who are at home with mild illness symptoms can follow the school work given. As an example, those responsible for each grade can send information in via the weekly letter about what will be covered within each subject in the coming week. In this way, the students who are at home with symptoms can work with these tasks from home, in cases where they have the opportunity to do so.

However, it is not possible to conduct remote education for these students, as a decision to close schools has not been made. The decision to switch to remote education can only be made by the Child and School Board, in cases where the government or board decide to shut down individual or all schools. Otherwise, schools should continue as usual, sick children should be at home and rest, healthy children should be at school.

Introduction of preschool children to preschool class

Introduction of preschool children to preschool class will be implemented, but through outdoor activities to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

Notification of illness

Keep in mind that it is important you continue to report your child’s absences every day.

Links to Lund Municipality’s school system can be found on the School Portal

National tests are canceled

Due to recent developments, the National Agency for Education has decided to suspend the remaining national tests in spring. In the municipality of Lund, we are confident that we are able to administer grading without the national tests being conducted. Grading will be done in the same manner as in other subjects where national tests are not normally conducted.

Questions and answers about the national exam at National Agency for Education (in Swedish)

What if I’m laid off from work?

What applies to the length of time a child can be in preschool or the recreation center in the event that the guardian has been laid off from work?
At present, there is no decision to change the length of time for children whose guardians have to some extent been laid off from their job. The length of time is thus the same as previously decided.

Which children are entitled to care if a government decision to close is made?

If the government decides to close preschools and schools, children who have guardians who work with vital functions for society will be offered care. If you as a guardian are unsure if you have a socially important profession, you should talk to your employer. You only need to ask your employer or client for a certificate if the municipality requests for one. If you are cohabiting with the child's other guardian who does not have a socially important service profession, this person should primarily take care of the child.

Even children who are in need of care at a preschool or nursing home due to psychological, physical or social reasons will have their care needs met.

If the government decides to close preschools and schools, the child's or pupil's home municipality is responsible for arranging care. This means that you as a guardian who are registered in the municipality of Lund but have children or pupils in other municipalities' preschools or schools or in independent activities may be entitled to care in the municipality of Lund.

Lund Municipality intends to establish agreements with neighboring municipalities and independent institutions so that children and pupils should primarily be able to remain in the municipality or activity where the child/pupil normally attend, if a decision by the Government to close preschools and schools is made.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

We fully understand that there are many issues related to the current situation. All employees in the Child and School Administration work to the fullest in order to give your child the best possible supervision and teaching under the current circumstances.

If you have any questions, comments or want to get in touch, we kindly ask you to contact the Child and School Administration centrally via our e-mail

You can also contact us through the Citizen Service Center at 046-359 50 00.