How public facilities in Lund Municipality are being adapted to the more stringent guidelines

October 29, 2020

Lund Municipality is working intensely in a variety of ways to lower the spread of COVID-19. Some facilities are being adapted, others closed.

The Högevallsbadet swimming pool and ice rink are now closed to the public. They will, however, remain open for use by schools and clubs/associations. Other facilities will be adapted to restrict the number of visitors. At libraries, for example, there will no longer be desks or tables for people to use. Visitors may, however, come to the library in order to borrow or return books. Facilities offering services to private citizens will remain open provided that they can adhere to the general guidelines.

“It is important that we find a balance between adherence to the guidelines and endurance over time. We are making weighted considerations by adapting facilities, rather than imposing long-term shutdowns. We are, however, prepared to implement further measures as necessary,” says Philip Sandberg (L), Chairman of the Board for Lund Municipality.

The more stringent guidelines stipulate that individuals visiting or residing in Skåne must, to the extent possible, avoid physical contact with anyone they do not live with or meet on a weekly basis. Preschools and schools remain open. Preschools, compulsory schools, high schools and recreation centers remain open to children and students. Children in compulsory school (grades 0-9) are required to attend. The recreation centers for youth will remain open, but the number of visitors allowed will be limited.

At healthcare centers and nursing homes, the venues for gathering and mingle will be closed. The open house activities at Lilla Caféet will also be closed. At Anhörigcenter, no physical events or meetings for the various support groups will be held. Digitala Träffpunkten will continue offering various types of entertainment online via and YouTube. Adaptations are also being made at Lund Tourist Center and Biljettbyrån. It will only be possible to reach them by phone, email and the chat forum on their websites.

These adaptations by Lund Municipality are effective from 29 October 2020 through 17 November 2020. They may, however, be extended.

“We are prepared for adaptations stretching over a longer period of time. Right now, we look at the situation on a week-by-week basis. If the spread of infection increases, we may need to take further action,” says Christoffer Nilsson, Chief Executive at Lund Municipality.

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Efforts are currently underway to update information on the website for all of the various organizations belonging to Lund Muncipality.