Associations and events

According to Chapter 2, section 15 of the Ordinance Act, the Government has the mandate to prohibit public gatherings and public events if deemed necessary to counteract an epidemic.

Have you been granted or applied for support to arrange public events?

Lund Municipality contributes economic support for projects aimed at creating public meetings. The conditions for creating these meetings are influenced by both the recommendations of the authorities and the rules governing public meetings.

The municipality will not require reimbursement of funds that have been already granted for events that cannot be conducted as a result of the corona pandemic.

If possible, move forward the event or consider if it is can be done in another manner. Please also contact the consultant to inform about the updated or changed project plan and budget.

If you can broadcast your cultural event live via a digital channel, contact an administrator. We are happy to help promote the event under # KulturströmLund.

Have you been granted or applied for support to your organization?

Lund Municipality wants to secure the basic financing for the players who receive organizational support.

The players who receive operating grants for public events are given a deferment by submitting a revised business plan and operating budget. Before the summer, we will also send out an invitation to the autumn dialogue meeting to ensure that we can continue the conversations that have begun on the effects of the corona pandemic.

The National Sports Federation announces that the LOK-support will not decrease even though there are fewer activities due to the corona virus. The total amount will be as large in 2020 as 2019. Until now, sports associations will register completed activities as usual i.e., register the participants who were actually involved. The National Sports Federation will return in the autumn with the details for compensation. Decisions on the municipal activity support in Lund municipality are expected to come shortly.

The associations that choose to postpone their annual meeting as a result of the corona pandemic will have the opportunity to supplement with necessary documents even later in the year. Thus, the postponement of the annual meeting does not affect the ability of associations to have their contributions paid.

Do you have operations in any of Lund’s municipal facilities?

The following applies to booked times in municipal facilities:

  • Currently Lund Municipality has not closed any facilities. Associations and organizations decide whether or not to suspend their activities.
  • For associations that have seasonal agreements and booked times for training, match games and events, no cancellation fees are enforced. Canceled bookings are not charged.
  • Associations are offered up to 90 days of delay in paying invoices for booked times.

Events and meetings in the municipality of Lund that are scheduled for later dates

Various events and meetings organized by Lund Municipality during spring 2020 have been affected by the authorities’ recommendations, workload and other circumstances in connection with the corona pandemic.

Lund Municipality does not want to cancel events completely. The ambition is to digitally implement them, or to physically implement them in the fall of 2020.

Banning of public gatherings with more than 8 people

The government has decided on a regulation banning public gatherings and public events with more than 8 people. .

What is meant by public gatherings and public events derives from Chapter 2. Sections 1–3 of the Ordinance Act. Public gatherings and public events do not include schools, preschools, libraries, recreational centers and swimming pools.

The police have the option of suspending or dissolving a public gathering or public event held in violation of the government’s announced ban.

More information on the official website with emergency information from Swedish authorities

What about school break activities for our children and youths?

Lund Municipality follows the authorities’ advice and guidelines; however, we as a municipality have a great and important responsibility to offer our children and youths meaningful leisure activities even during the school breaks. Many parents do not have the opportunity to be home or free during their child’s school breaks. The leisure activities we choose to carry out in the municipality of Lund have all been adapted to reduce the risk of contagion.

We have decided to work together with the police in providing our youths who choose to gather in the park with information to prevent the risk of contagion that large crowds of people can pose. The goal with this, is to ensure that as many people as possible take their own responsibility and follow the guidelines. The municipality does not want to block a public place at a time when it is more important than ever for Lund residents to be outdoors under the guidelines laid out. The police also believe that extensive blockages can lead to the risk of confrontation and problems could arise elsewhere.

Support for associations through other organizations (all links in Swedish)

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