Coronavirus and Covid-19

Lund Municipality is monitoring the developments and situation associated with COVID-19. We are managing the situation well and are prepared to take immediate action by adapting to any changes based on the recommendations of government authorities. Lund Municipality's focus is on protecting its elderly population and others in risk group categories, along with safeguarding the critical functions in society.

Lund Municipality follows the recommendations of government authorities and engages in preventive measures associated with the Corona virus. 

Here we publish ongoing news about the coronavirus and Covid-19 disease (mostly in Swedish)

Infection control measures at cafeterias, restaurants, etc.

A new law entered into force on 1 July 2020 containing regulations on temporary measures to help prevent the spread of disease.

Information about the new act and how you report any observations at cafeterias, restaurants, etc.

Own responsibility at public places

Each person must take own responsibility to prevent the spread of infection whenever they visit public places such as streets and marketplaces, shops, buses and trains, beaches, swimming pools, etc. Neither the local authorities nor the county councils currently have supervisory authority as regards the risk of a spread of infection due to congestion. 

Preschools and elementary schools

Lund Municipality complies with the recommendations of the Public Health Agency. This means that healthy children and students are able to attend preschool and school as usual. However, if you are ill or have symptoms, you should stay home two days after recovery.

This is applicable for preschools and elementary schools

Municipal upper secondary schools and adult education

Lund Municipality’s upper secondary schools and adult education comply with the recommendations of the Public Health Agency and the Government. Teaching remotely is currently being conducted.

This is applicable for secondary schools and adult education

Seniors and risk groups

Current situation for covid-19

Current statistics are reported to the National Board of Health once a week where you will find statistics for the whole country.

Statistics on covid-19 on the National Board of Health and Welfare’s website

Business and companies

Here, as an entrepreneur, you will find information on what measures have been taken to reduce the negative effects on business.

Information for entrepreneurs in regard to the coronavirus and Covid-19

Do you have general questions about the corona virus?

Official information on the new corona virus from
(Official website with emergency information from Swedish authorities)

FAQ in English about the coronavirus
(from the Public Health Agency of Sweden)

Information in different languages about Covid-19 and how to protect yourself and others from infection
(from the Public Health Agency of Sweden)

Information in other languages on WHO webpage

You can get answers to general questions via the national information number 113 13. You can call around the clock.