Regional and international collaboration

As a university city and growth engine, Lund is an important city in Öresund Region. Lund Municipality is a member of several regional and international networks. It also collaborates with the Research and Innovation Council in Skåne (FIRS) and the MalmöLund Region.

Lund is situated right in the middle of the Danish-Swedish region of Öresund, which itself is a region centrally located between the highly developed economic region of Western Europe and the dynamic growth economies of the Baltic region. The Öresund region also serves as an important growth engine for Sweden, Denmark and Northern Europe.

Research and Innovation Council in Skåne (FIRS)

The Research and Innovation Council in Skåne (FIRS) was established in March 2010 and its aim is to improve the conditions for research and innovation in Skåne through broader, more in-depth collaboration between the public sector, private sector and academia.  Active in FIRS are representatives from the top management of Region Skåne, universities, colleges, municipalities, Kommunförbundet Skåne and the business community.

Lund Municipality participates on the Board of Directors for FIRS as a representative for one of Skåne’s university cities and largest municipalities. The aim of Lund Municipality’s involvement with FIRS is to promote research and innovation in the region, along with strengthening Lund’s position in the innovation system.

Besides its representation on the Board of Directors, Lund Municipality also participates in two of the committees. One is the committee for ESS, MAX IV and Science Village, as a representative for the host city. We also participate in the committee for Smart, Sustainable Cities, as one of the leading municipalities in that area.

Research and Innovation Council in Skåne (FIRS)

Greater Copenhagen and Skåne Committee

We have a shared vision of Greater Copenhagen as an attractive, international growth engine, where we create economic growth and job opportunities.

With this in mind, the regions and municipalities of Hovedstaden, Skåne and Själland have aligned themselves on a shared agenda for growth, whereby the municipalities, regions, industry and academia engage in joint initiatives across the entire metropolitan region.

All of the municipalities in Skåne are involved. Lund Municipality participates on the Board of Directors for Greater Copenhagen and Skåne Committee as a representative for Region Skåne’s municipalities. In this particular collaboration, Lund Municipality’s goal is to strengthen the region’s international brand, along with promoting the development of business and cross-border cooperation.

Read more about it on the Greater Copenhagen website

MalmöLund Region

MalmöLund Region is a strategic collaboration between the municipalities of Southwestern Skåne, which are: Burlöv, Eslöv, Höör, Kävlinge, Lomma, Lund, Malmö, Skurup, Staffanstorp, Svedala, Trelleborg and Vellinge.

Principles for collaboration

  • The residents and business community of MalmöLund Region are the target groups for collaboration and our short-term and long-term investments.
  • MalmöLund Region shall pursue joint issues and initiatives that can help speed up the development of an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable society.
  • Each municipality has specific responsibilities and forms of involvement in this collaboration. They do not each need to participate in every initiative. However, they should all feel that they profit from the efforts that are put forth and the benefits that flow from this.
  • Key success factors for the MalmoLund Region collaboration are perseverance, a holistic approach and trust between the municipalities.
  • There is a collaboration agreement in place that regulates the work and how it is organized.

MalmöLund Region website

Collaboration with Lund University

Lund Municipality closely collaborates with Lund University on initiatives aimed at ensuring that Lund is a vibrant, leading and attractive knowledge center. By working proactively together, we create an attractive city for people to live, study and work.

Collaboration with Lund University


ESS and MAX IV are two new research facilities situated in the northwestern part of Lund. We are planning to develop a new city district called Brunnshög around these two research facilities, with a special focus on sustainable urban development. Ultimately, Brunnshög could offer employment and residence to as many as 40,000 individuals.

Lund University, Lund Municipality and Region Skåne have joined forces to set up Science Village Scandinavia, the purpose of which is to support the development of infrastructure for these two new research facilities. Science Village will be situated between the two research facilities. It will have an international flavor and serve as a hub for both companies and research institutions. There will also be support functions, services, recreation and housing options there.

ESS website

MAX IV website

More about Science Village

Research and science

Lund Municipality’s international collaboration has been steadily increasing. For example, Lund regularly collaborates on international issues with Lund University, Ideon Science Park, ESS, MAX IV, The Raoul Wallenberg Institute and Lund University’s International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE). In recent years, there have been many investments, projects, initiatives and events that have further solidified Lund’ s position as an international center for research and science, a national innovation and industrial center and economic hub for Öresund Region.

EU collaboration

The decisions made at the EU level affect Lund Municipality in a variety of ways, both indirectly and frequently also directly. Approximately 60 percent of the matters addressed in local and regional decision-making bodies are affected by EU decisions. Much of Lund Municipality’s supervisory and inspection activities in the area of health, environment, safety, etc. are directly affected by EU legislation and norms. Over time, EU collaboration has created many of the conditions that make Lund so attractive in the international arena. It has convinced many companies, research facilities and organizations to choose Lund as the headquarters for their European and global development activities. The EU also provides direct support to several of Lund Municipality’s development projects.

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