A future to believe in

Everyone is talking about a smarter, more sustainable future. In Brunnshög, this future is being realised. And it is being created around the people who will live here, focusing on their future needs.

Synergy Brunnshög

The strategy for Brunnshög has three components: the research facilities and the surrounding environments; an exceptional city district with high sustainability ambitions; and a destination that attracts both regional and international visitors. This gives Brunnshög three strong cornerstones: knowledge intensity, sustainable urban development and regional attractiveness.

Brunnshög will make Lund even better. The city is already one of the world’s most prominent university cities. Innovations like the mobile phone, the artificial kidney and the bluetooth technology originated here, and Lund has an undisputed reputation as a city of knowledge and innovation.

The realisation of Brunnshög’s vision creates an inspirational and global living environment, where up to 40,000 people live and work. It includes top-class facilities and laboratories along with a dense and mixed urban environment with varied housing and lush parks, shops and schools, workplaces and services. The best place to be – and the most stimulating and interesting.

The future is in Brunnshög.