Sustainable Brunnshög

The city of the future will make completely different demands on sustainability. Brunnshög has high ambitions: leading the way towards a more sustainable world. The city district is to set a European example, taking local responsibility for the global climate, with an inspirational living environment where people and ideas meet.

Heat-generating research

The research facilities ESS and MAX IV will generate large amounts of excess heat. In order to benefit from this, Kraftringen is constructing the world’s largest low-temperature district heating network. The energy, which would otherwise go to waste, is innovatively and effectively reused – fully in line with Brunnshög’s vision for sustainable urban development.


Illustration: Henning Larsen Architects.

BrunnshögThe future is rail-bound

The tramline between Lund C and ESS is an investment in the public transport of the future, with Lund being the first of many new Swedish tramway cities. The benefits are clear – tramways can transport many people at once, and they are green and emission-free. The tramway is part of the objective to have a maximum of one third of all traffic to and from Brunnshög using a car, and at least two thirds travelling by foot, bicycle or public transport.

Medaljgatan_BrunnshögPneumatic infrastructure

Since Brunnshög is being densely built, surface-efficient waste management is a must. An advanced, solar-powered pneumatic refuse collection system is therefore being constructed in the district. The chutes will be adapted for quick, hygienic and simple waste management. In this way, the refuse lorries do not have to enter the district – the refuse is instead compressed and sent via the pipeline directly to the waste management centre.

Illustration: Karin Serin.

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