Science Village

Science Village Scandinavia AB owns the land between MAX IV and ESS in Brunnshög. The company, which is jointly owned by Lund University, Lund Municipality and Region Skåne, has as its main purpose to promote the research facilities.

Visionsbild, Science Village

Science Village is a dynamic and creative location for the public and research to interact. It is home to ESS and MAX IV, and one of the most important functions of the area is to support these two research facilities. In between them, in the centre of Science Village, there will be offices and short-term housing for visiting researchers. But Science Village is not only a place for research. It is also the planned site for Sweden’s largest Science Centre, a large concert hall, as well as work spaces for the business and academic sectors.

History meets the future in Science Village. A few metres from the local tramline stop is Möllegården, which with its 17th-century mill and spacious garden provides a quiet refuge for the thousands of people who will be working in the area. The Science Village also has a botanical garden – Vindarnas park – where you can enjoy 30,000 plants from all corners of the world. The park cuts through Science Village to create a green stretch from MAX IV to Kunskapsparken.

Illustration: Fojab Arkitekter.

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