Availability on the website lund.se

Lund municipality's goal with the website www.lund.se is that it should be accessible to everyone and meet everyone's needs. Everybody should be able to access it regardless of the support of aids, browsers and operating systems. Here you can read more about how we work to make the site accessible to everyone.

The website (lund.se) and availability

Some adjustments do not appear for most, but are necessary for users to access the information. For example, a visitor who is blind uses his own screen reader. The screen reader reads the text, captions and links in a way that allows the visitor to access the content.

The website lund.se is developed with the aim of following the guidelines and objectives contained in WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

On lund.se there are different features and content that do not meet the requirements of WCAG, but we are continuously working to achieve as many goals as possible.

Download or read files

To read our pdf files on the site, you need Acrobat Reader. With the Talking Web feature you can get the contents of pdf files read to you.

Listen feature

The most obvious accessibility feature for you browsing on lund.se is the Talking Web button. This feature is located at the top of the site.


City Office

Postal address: Box 41, 221 00 Lund
Visitors address: Stortorget 7, Lund
Telephone (switchboard): 046-35 50 00